A diverse year at Tracy Lee Photography


As I was having a little trip down memory lane today, I was amazed at the diversity of shoots I had covered this year.


It certainly was a year of growth for us at Tracy Lee Photography.


The past week has found lot’s of planning for next year buzzing around our office. There are a few changes in store and we can’t wait!


  • More weddings have been booked- YAY! I love shooting weddings!
  • Branding Story sessions are undergoing some changes to reflect the time required for planning, editing and the value they give to clients in packing a punch with their visual branding.
  • More down time for us here at headquarters to play and explore the world – 🙂
  • Convincing Mr. M (my partner in crime) that getting an electric bike is a GREAT idea.
  • Work on my personal video’s & challenge myself with new software.
  • Blog more regularly 🙂
  • Sleep more.
  • Travel overseas.
  • Do more yoga.
  • Get more massages.
  • Take more personal photos – something that has been seriously lacking in this years photo round up.
  • Keep my daily planner gorgeous looking – if it means buying pretty stationary, so be it hahahaha.
  • Smile more at people.
  • Stop multi-tasking.
  • Have a tidier home office – a work in progress.
  • Read my book club books.
  • Ride horses.
  • Swim more in the ocean.

Does anything in this list get you thinking?


Have you thought about your goals for next year?


I would love to hear your ideas and share the inspiration. Drop me a note in the comments section below!

Award winning Australian, Canberra photographer.

Award winning Australian, Canberra photographer.


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