Australian Professional Photographic Awards

If someone had said to me 5 years ago “Tracy, in 5 years from now, you will be sitting in a room full of photographers watching a photograph you had taken being judged by a panel of Master Photographers and being awarded a Silver Award at the Australian Professional Photography Awards” I would have belly laughed until I had to cross my legs (no further explanation needed why 😉 )

It’s been a wonderful year for me photographic wise. I made the decision not over think my images that I entered into the awards but went with ones that I felt showed emotion & character, I’m glad I did.

I was feeling fairly chilled while watching the judges at this years APPAS until my image came up on the screen. They weren’t perfect, they had technical issues but all the judges comments were great to hear & have all contributed to the incredible learning journey you go on when entering awards.

I didn’t realise just how much tension I was holding onto during the judges commenting and scoring until it was over. I let my breath out & even my collar bones ached from holding my shoulder & neck muscles so tightly.

Here’s my little brag list 😉

2013 – International Loupe Awards – Bronze Award in Portraits

2014 – Epson ACT Professional Photography Awards – Silver Award (Family)

2014 – Epson ACT Professional Photography Awards – Silver with Distinction Award (Family)

2014 – AIPP ACT Emerging Photographer of the Year – Finalist

2014 – Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards – Silver Award (Family)

2014 – Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards – Silver Award (Family)

My biggest take-ways from my photo journey so far

  1. The friends I have made along the way.
  2. The encouragement & support I get from the new networks that have come into my life.
  3. Learning new skills that challenge & excite me.
  4. Capturing people’s stories in images & watching their reactions when they see their visual story unfold before them as they look through their photo album or prints.
  5. That being excited every day about what you do is incredibly important to living an authentic and happy life.
  6. That valuing my time it takes to plan & create what I do is important & I have learnt to appreciate it so much more.
  7. To not stress about the fact not everyone will value the time it takes to plan, prepare, undertake a photo session, cull, back up, edit, upload, design, produce, run a business & continue professional learning learning to keep my skills current etc. It’s ok- we all walk to a different beat & I find I tend to only get like-minded people as clients anyway (thank you Universe).
  8. Not all of these images received an award- but they were all recognised for being of a professional level & that makes my smile.

The most unexpected achievement was being  one of three finalist in the  2014  AIPP ACT Emerging Photographer of the Year.

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  • Lib

    So happy for you and you deserve everything that comes your way as you are an amazing photographer and definitely have found your calling. Cant wait to see what your future holds, awesome things I am sure!ReplyCancel

    • admin

      Thanks Lib. Was so glad you were there too to share the excitement. You must be on cloud 9 still after your amazing GOLD!!!ReplyCancel

  • Renee

    I love viewing your photographic creations. I don’t know any of these people in you photos and yet the pictures talk to me, they tell me a story. You deserve all those awards and more. I’m looking forward to future gems.ReplyCancel

    • admin

      That has to be the nicest comment EVER Renee! Thank you so much for getting the “why” in what I do. That’s is my goal- to tell people’s stories.ReplyCancel

  • well done Trace xoReplyCancel

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