Canberra Member’s Working Lunch – Event Photography

What better way to kick start a  working lunch than a glass of wine! That’s exactly what we did this day!

I had the pleasure of attending first Canberra Member’s Working Lunch of 2014 by The League of Extraordinary Women. It was facilitated by Omania Terry in her gorgeous space in Kingston.

Thank you to Deanne Brennan of Think Out Loud who is the Leagues Canberra crusader for organising.

To all the wonderful ladies I met on the day – thank you for all the interesting stories!

If you attend and wanted to see the rest of the images – follow this LINK

Canberra Event Photography Canberra Event Photography

If you want to learn more about The League of Extraordinary Women you HERE

To check out the space we had – HERE

To see what Deanne is all about – HERE

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