Don’t wait… Canberra Family Photographer

I often speak to people who want to get photos taken of themselves, a loved one or their children. Something that often follows their first comment of wanting photos is…”but I’ll wait until….I lose weight, have children,  start my new job, things settle down at home….

Truth be told- I am the same. I plan on getting updated photos but always find an excuse not to.

I look back on my earlier photos of  Mr. M and  regret not getting more taken. We have changed so much over the years and I wish we had captured those small in-between moments that really told the story of us.

I recently asked a friend if she was willing to let me capture a small slice of her “life” with her beloved partner.

She said yes

I went over

We chatted

I took photos

My absolute favourite type of photography session is the one that tells a story and captures real people being themselves in their home and environment. I hope that Brianna and Pete look back on these one day and have a laugh at their cat who can squeeze under the fence, is a little afraid of their chooks, their awesome vegie patch, the antique tea cups they drink out of while sitting on their porch in the afternoon sun and that gorgeous cottage they live in with their many nic-nacs.

I am trying hard to live in the now and try not keep worrying about the future. I often sing along (loudly, in the car) to Pink’s song “Good Old Days”…. to help remind me to live life now and not put off things until……

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years from now
I hope I’m still getting down
I hope I’m still around
But 6, 7, 8, 10 beers ago
I had a revelation all is well right now
It’s all good right now
It’s all good right now
It’s all good right now





  • Brianna

    We adore every single one!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! XxReplyCancel

  • Ruth

    Fantastic pics Tracy. You have captured the essence and simplicity of the life that this beautiful young couple choose to live. Love the entire album.ReplyCancel

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