Fun, Joy, Laughter, Music, Dance

For everyone who loves the Annual National Folk Festival (The NASH, The Folky…) here’s a 10 minute video with images & video. I won’t go on why I have been going for 20 years….I think you will see when watching the video. The atmosphere, the energy, the pure joy people get from dance, music, song and the arts. Happy day Folks!
Tracy xxxxx

Oh- and the humour. There’s always LOTS of laughter.

See the first installment of images on my personal BLOG here:

Just Stuff Musing -Fun, Joy, Laughter, Music, Dance

It’s a 10 minute video and still doesn’t include all the things I saw.


Here are just some of the performer links…..there were so many 🙂

The Fiddle Chicks


Hush Gypsy



Valanga Khoza and South African Jive

Ange Takets

Sparrow Folk

Crooked Fiddle Band



Martin Pearson


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