A couple of days of adventure, fresh air, food and fun.


I walked 8km to stand in an amazing glow work tunnel . It was thrilling to be standing  in total darkness and silence and just feel yourself inside this immense  mountain.

This was just one of the adventures we all had on this  Soul Sister Camp-out in Oct 2017 organised and run by Indie from Three Feathers.   It took place at Wollemi National Park, NSW, AUSTRALIA.

We stayed at the Newness Hotel camp ground, went hiking then ended the day  with fireside fun and a delicious dinner! Next morning, some of the ladies joined me for their “Women of Spirit” walk then everyone took part in the nudie shot. We all had a morning YOGA session with Sal to ease the kinks for our long hike the day before. Breakfast was delicious fireside burritos!

A bit of naked fun in the Australian bush!



Read more about Rewilding and having adventures (especially for us folks who live and work in the city)  over at Indie’s blog THREE FEATHERS

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