Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Vicky

Family Story Session - Tracy made the experience of being photographed with my children, relaxed, fun and natural. She made us feel at ease and the session just progressed smoothly with lots of great snaps, seemingly while we simply enjoyed ourselves together. Tracy was calm, engaging and confident in her expertise. The results were just beautiful!!!!  Thankyou Tracy. Vicky 



Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Vickyb


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Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Reeve


Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Reeve2


Wedding Photography

Were you unsure about getting professional wedding photography coverage for your wedding day?  No way!!!! Photos are one thing we would outsource professionally. 

 What ultimately helped you to make the decision to have professional photography?  Prior experience of having our photos taken, & how beautiful the results were. 

 What benefits did you see in having professional photography coverage?  Knowing the photographer would take our ideas of certain shots into account, their insurance if anything went wrong, someone else having control of that aspect of such a stressful day 

Who would you recommend Tracy Lee Photography's services to and why?  We would recommend Tracy Lee to anyone who loves love. People who really feel the emotions of life, & want to capture that forever more.  

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Newborn Story Session

I have seen Tracy’s work previously and just love how natural and fun her work is. When we decided to get some family shots done, I knew there was no one else who could do a better job, so much so that even though we had moved to SA, we still got her to travel interstate to do the job for us!!

We wanted professional shots done of our babies just after they were born. They change so fast and within days, they lose the whole newborn look. I also know that while we always take lots of photos, they are rarely family photos, so having a professional who can stand back and be understanding of our family needs as well as being able to capture special moneys was really important to us. We got the perfect marriage of the two in Tracy, and now have memories captured forever.

We love her flexibility and attention to detail, and the final product. Tracy worked with us to best understand what it is we would like, and also used her own innate ability to offer suggestions, all of which we loved. She made it so easy for us!!!

We have shared our photos with our closest friends and family and the feedback has been consistent - almost all of them have been brought to tears by the natural beauty of the images. We absolutely made the right choice!!!

We have every intention of using Tracy’s amazing photography services again, and will absolutely be recommending her to others. I only make recommendations that I know will reflect back well on me, and have no hesitation in making this one. And again, we will be doing the same in using Tracy to capture our babies and family in images as they grow! She is now a part of our family history!



Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Wendyb


Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Wendy

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Branding Story

Meeting Tracy completely put me at ease and I knew straight away I wanted her to take my photos. She talked me through exactly what was involved and the easiest part, to simply be myself. 

I recommend Tracy to anyone who wants to elevate their online presence with professional, original photos. She is a creative genius behind the camera and has helped capture my brand so effortlessly. The whole process was relaxed and totally fun!  

Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Helen

 Helen Roe

Business Success Coach

Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Helen2


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Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Jan

Family Portraits - My family were lucky enough to have a photo session with the very talented Tracy. She did the most amazing job in capturing very real photos of the Batt family (with a teenager who was doing his best to hide and me who baulked at the thought of a photo!). Tracy even managed to get our crazy Jack Russell pup to sit for a photo or two.

If you are looking for some quality work Tracy is the go-to person. It was for us an amazing experience. Gotta love an incredibly talented, passionate and caring artist- hey Tracy, You gave us a magical session!!!!!  Jantiena

Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Lyn

Professional Portraits  - I was definitely unsure about having any professional photography done. Then having taken the time to understand what I was looking for and why, Tracy was able to make the entire experience fun and the outcome was a set of photos that I am really happy with and proud to have on my bio and social media. Tracy was great fun to work with, the photos were fantastic and the service amazing. Lynnere

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Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Jess

Family Portraits - I am loving the pictures on my wall, they are serving as a daily affirmation that we do have fun sometimes and that our daughter is happy. It is so often that I lament not being able to capture Livia completely lost in joy when we play together, as raising a camera might break the magic moment. What a privilege to have someone do that for us. Thank you so much, Tracy, your beautiful art means so much to us.  Jess

Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Ludi

Baby's first year package offered exactly what I wanted -  Tracy takes beautiful photos that capture complicity and beautiful moments. I knew I wouldn't regret getting professional photography. I had professional photos taken of me with my parents a couple of years ago and I still love looking at them so I knew I wanted professional photos of my baby boy. I already have so many of my mummy friends commented on how beautiful the pictures are and would love to have the same! I would recommend Tracy because I have 100% confidence that people will be happy with her work!  Ludi

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Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Catherine

Professional Portraits - Mick and I were both unsure (about getting professional photos) - we had seen so many glamour studio head shots which is not what we were after, and when you were recommended us and we visited your website, we felt much more at ease that we could actually achieve photos which showed our genuine selves. Catherine & Michael

Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Michael

We would definitely recommend Tracy for headshots and for portraits - you put us at such ease during the photo shoot that you would be wonderful working with people who may be a little reticent / uncomfortable with having photos taken. We now have images which show the genuine "us" and that projection when we are putting ourselves out there makes us feel so much more comfortable. Catherine & Michael

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Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Ginnie

Virginia Wells

Professional Organiser at WellSorted

Professional Organiser

Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Ginnie2


Branding Story

Tracy is a fabulous photographer. I have engaged Tracy for various projects and events over the years.

Tracy took photos for my website - both headshots and more creative shots to build a ‘feel’ on my site which I wanted to be welcoming, light and relaxing but inspiring. She came up with some great concepts and I’m very happy with the result ( She really captured what I was after.

 She has also taken many fantastic shots of my dance troupe (and others) over the years which captured many happy memories. Dance photography is extra hard as we’re moving so much that it can be very hard to capture the essence of the dance, the mood, elegance and the moment. She has been able to capture all of this, time and time again.

 I’ve enjoyed seeing her photos over the years (outside of what I have hired her for) and really love her light, warm and open style. She’s also a hoot to work with as makes me feel at ease in front of a camera. I can trust her to get a good shot.

 I look forward to working with Tracy again in the future.


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Branding Story

Thank you Tracy Lee Photography for the beautiful images of my business, team and self that you took on Saturday! I can't wait to finalise my website and share the love of what we do. Your images will allow me to complete the branding story that I've been working on.
You were a pleasure to work with and made the shoot easy and fun!
You have one very delighted Business Owner here!   Thank YOU!!!  oxoxo 

Lisa LaMaitre   

Therapy Masters


Photography testimonial - Tracy Lee Lisa