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Last week I was one of the lucky ladies who got to attend the first ever Canberra breakfast for the LEAGUE of extraordinary women.  It’s the start of something new and exciting for women in business in Canberra. Each month there is a breakfast held where you can meet with like-minded people, chat, network, and be inspired.

Are you a women in business, entrepreneur? Do you want to network with like-minded people? Then have a peek at what the LEAGUE of extraordinary women have to offer.

They have motivational speakers who will share their journey with you, give advice and share information.  This week, we were privileged to breakfast with Amanda Whitley the Editor and Creator of HerCanberra.  It’s a must for anyone who wants to suss out all there is to Canberra -style, fashion, food, what’s on, what’s up and what’s down in our super-duper Capital city. Cruise over here to see what I am on about…www.hercanberra.com.au.

If you have ever seen some awesome event that has happened in Canberra on the news AFTER it has occurred?…then you need to check HerCanberra out and keep in touch 🙂

I big shout out to Deanne Brennan the founder of Thinkoutloud for the Grand Entrance of the LEAGUE of extraordinary  women  here in Canberra. Deanne has recently come back to Canberra with her Health and Wellness Coaching business. Check it out here.  I can say first-hand what a great starting point her workshops are for anyone looking for support in setting goals to achieve all that is good in life (home, relationships, career, business, health…). If you want to better articulate your vision, plan for overcoming those obstacles that get in the way, be inspired and set a clear action plan in place to achieve all that you can- check out what options she has available.

Whew…I am not usually a big blog writer, preferring say things with images. So here’s a few for you.

Stay safe and have a wonderful week folks.


Tracy xxx

League of Extraordinary Women - Canberra League of Extraordinary Women - Canberra League of Extraordinary Women - Canberra League of Extraordinary Women - Canberra League of Extraordinary Women - Canberra ThinkOutLoud

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