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_MG_8898_3134One of the questions I always ask my brides is – do you have a particular style you are thinking about for your wedding day?

There is a lot of pressure it seems to live up to when “styling” your wedding.  There’s nothing wrong with gathering inspiration & making vision boards – but do keep it in perspective 🙂

I always remind my bride & groom that it is a day to let your hair down and be surrounded by people you adore. Being stressed on the day over the decorations & styling is not worth the energy & not the memories you want to look back on.

Make sure you choose styling that reflects & compliments you both. Don’t try & live up to some unrealistic expectations of what a wedding “should” look like. Be careful of too much pinterest trolling (though we love it here at Tracy Lee Headquarters- but keep it in perspective) or before you know it, you will have wild crazy plans that detract from what the day is about – the two of you.


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